About me

Let’s start with my mission: to encourage, equip and motivate creatives and entrepreneurs to fulfil their true potential.

Richard Lalchan.

Richard Lalchan.

It’s what I was born to do and have been doing it in various incarnations for much of my life, whether through speaking, lecturing and working with Creative Arts students at University of Hertfordshire, running short courses for local colleges; running my own Creatives Hub network–encouraging creatives to make a living out of their creativity; running workshops on branding and web design for local businesses not to mention working for a variety of businesses, big and small over the past twenty years.

I believe we are created with a purpose. Don’t just think traditional career, but there are things which only our specific set of talents and unique experience can achieve.

I get frustrated when I see creatives and wannabe entrepreneurs floundering through lack of clarity, focus or belief. If that’s you let me help you find your true potential and begin to reflect it.

Short bio:


Creatives Hub


Having graduated from a BA Media Production Management degree way back in 1995, I have helped many clients start their business, or develop their digital marketing strategy to take it to the next level.

Since 2012 I have been coaching/mentoring in groups through my Creatives Hub network, working with artists, designers, writers, photographers, musicians, events managers, coaches and other creatives. This has been a very encouraging time seeing seeds of ideas from members develop into fully fledged businesses.

I have been coaching one-to-one since 2016 and I’m currently upgrading my qualifications, working towards a Personal Performance Diploma–an ICF accredited course through the Coaching Academy.

Please head over to my LinkedIn profile for more detail about my work history.


Getting personal:

I live in the beautiful historic city of St Albans and have been known to give the odd guided tour to friends. I love to learn, anything from creativity and entrepreneurship to theology and philosophy. Take a look at some of the books I’ve read recently. I also love a bit of sport especially football (Liverpool FC!), tennis and Formula 1 and going for the occasional strenuous walk.

Oh, and I’m an associate member of the Alliance of Independent Authors, hopefully becoming a full member once I finish and publish the sci-fi novella I’m enjoying working on.


Sci-fi novella (in progress)

But far better than reading my words, is seeing what some of my clients have said about me.