Questions, questions. We all have them. If there's anything I haven't answered here, just ask.  

What is coaching?

I like the definition by Tony Stoltzfus who said a coach “can help you take your dreams, convert them into goals and strategies and cheer you on until you complete them.”

That’s what we’re about; partnering with you to gain clarity and achieve what you need to in a quicker way that you could on your own or by just chatting with family and friends. A coach walks alongside you, helping to create manageable actions to move you towards your overall goal.

What is a Clarity Coach?

Clarity Coach is a term some coaches use instead of 'life coach'. It 'does what it says on the tin' in helping you have clarity over a specific area of your life or business. Life Coach sounds quite patronising to some people in the sense of 'why would I need to be coached on my life?' However, when you frame it with the question 'what areas of your life would you like to get some clarity?' not many people who would answer 'none'.

How quickly will I see results?

According to research carried out by UCL it takes on average 66 days to change a habit. That’s effectively two months to make changes in your life. It doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why my programmes are based around 3 month cycles. It may take a month to have clarity to discover what it is you need to change, then the 66 days (roughly two months) to implement those changes and start to see the results.

These of course are averages and it will very much depend on the nature of your specific goals, your own life experience and personality type as to exactly how much time will be needed before you reap the rewards.

Would you describe yourself as a spiritual coach?

No. I am a Christian but I coach both Christians and those of other religions or see themselves as having no religion. Coaching itself is not about judging, but if you are a Christian I tend to do things slightly differently. One example of this is praying with clients at the end of each session should they be Ok with that. See also 'What is Christian coaching?' below.

I think I need coaching but do I really have to pay for it?

You’re not ready for coaching. And you know what? That's OK. I work with people who are ready, willing and able to invest in moving their lives forwards. They are fed up of ‘doing the same thing and expecting different results’. They are ready to make the changes necessary and are prepared to invest in it.

When you are ready to invest in your future, feel free to get back in touch.

Do I have to be a ‘Creative’?

I believe everyone is creative. You may not feel creative but I’m pretty sure I could convince your otherwise!

The people I have more experience coaching and relate to more myself tend to be creatives–writers, photographers, artists, musicians, dancers, designers, illustrators, entrepreneurs and other coaches.

You may be someone who has a non-creative job but has a desire to explore your creativity. This is an ideal situation for coaching. Get in touch!

What qualifications and experience do you have?

See the About me page for more details. But in short I am currently working towards a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching which is accredited with the ICF (International Coaching Federation). I have over 20 years working with SME's consulting and training in branding and digital marketing; 5 years working with creatives helping them make a living out of their creativity through peer mentoring groups and one-to-one coaching; and a BA(hons) in Media Production Management.

What’s the difference between coaching and mentoring?

According to the ICF definition coaches do not give advice. A mentor will often talk to you out of their experience having been where you want to go and so can share lots of advice including what worked for them. A coach uses powerful questioning which encourages you to come to conclusions yourself making your own decisions of what you will do. Part of the thinking behind this is that you're far more likely to follow through on an activity you've discovered and decided on for yourself, as opposed to when someone tells you what you ‘should’ do.

How do you deal with a client who’s goal is unrealistic?

This is a great question that I was asked recently. The answer is simple. Who am I to say whether your goal is realistic or not? I am not God. I do not know your future. People told Roger Banister that it was physically impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes, that he would drop dead in trying. We know how that ended! A goal may seem impossible to some people but may be completely realistic to another. It’s not my job as a coach to judge.

I have a friend/partner who really needs some direction in their life, but they don’t have the confidence to contact a coach. What should I do?

Ok. So there’s a few things here. Firstly, you may think they need direction but do they want it? It has to come from them. However some people are put forward for coaching by their employers. It may take more sessions as there is often an element of convincing them of the benefits first before being able to actually coach.

Secondly, try to convince them by asking ‘what have they got to lose?’ Especially if it’s an issue they've been thinking about for a long while. They have probably tried many things to no avail. The first conversation is free so it’s just a chat about whether coaching is right for them, and whether I'm the right coach. There’s no commitment either way.

What is Christian Coaching?

Christian coaching is that which recognises God as being sovereign and in control. A Christian does not live their life for themselves, but for God. Tony Stoltzfus, sums this up well by saying “We don’t coach people to achieve complete freedom to do whatever they want, but to take responsibility for their own lives and actions.”

How do I know you will be the right coach for me?

The relationship between coach and client is one of trust and honesty. You have to connect in a way that facilitates that trust. That won’t happen with every coach, in the same way that you connect with some people more than others.

If you connect with what you see on my website then get in touch! The introductory conversation can often determine whether we are right for each other.

Do you offer refunds?

I want you to have had such a good experience that you want to refer me to others. That’s the way I get most of my work. I’m not interested in taking your money for the sake of it. So, if after having a programme of coaching, and you have followed through with the actions you set for yourself, but despite that you honestly find no value in our sessions, I will refund you in full.

When can I start?

Click the button below to book your FREE introductory call. I can't wait to chat with you!