— Claire, Exeter

"Things I really valued about this coaching:

  • You constantly asking for clarity around what I was putting out there - and for whom

  • One of the most impactful sessions we had was the one where we talked about dating. (Not because I wanted to be coached around my dating situation per se but because you had sensed that I was resisting the conversation in one area, so switched to another. I really felt you holding the space for me that day which helped me find out what I wanted and needed - for work as well as dating!)

  • The early stuff we did was very useful for me in terms of clarity around my target market and reviewing all of what I came up with when I did the original vision a few years ago. Just talking it through helped clarify it.

  • Simplifying and focusing on a few priorities and actions (and getting clear on WHY I was doing them) was very useful - I have two key priorities with two marketing tools to support it. Getting down to simple actions and beginning to implement them was what I needed.

Thank you again for all your support, I really appreciate it. I feel like I am much clearer on the structure and format of what I’m offering and even though I haven’t put all the pieces in place, I am clear about where I’m going. This is very valuable to me!"

Richard Lalchan