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 Richard Lalchan

Richard Lalchan

I work with creatives and entrepreneurs who are ready, willing and able to take the next steps to reflect their true potential in both business and life.

This is not a self-indulgent pursuit of happiness, but an acceptance of responsibility, hard work and sacrifice involved in living a transformed life.

Are you ready to reflect your true potential?


A clarity coach...

...can help you take your dreams, convert them into goals and strategies and cheer you on until you complete them.
— Tony Stoltzfus

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Personal Coaching

One-to-one coaching to help you on your way to reflecting your true potential.



Books, software and more inspiring you to keep on learning, growing and achieving your goals.



From clarity to creative production. Let me handle your branding and digital marketing too.


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Musings on life, creativity, business and productivity, inspiring you to reflect your true potential.